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Since 2016 MyMane Extensions. has been one of the top trusted premium virgin hair extension retailer in major cities like Atlanta, Miami, Houston, New York & Los Angeles! and are proud to say we have served over 5,000 loyal customers and salon owners all over the country through our online store only.

Our mission is to ensure that our customers look and feel beautiful everyday.

 But we have come a long way from humble beginnings. Oneday while shopping for hair extensions and seeing the steep prices, her mom saw the opportunity in the hair business and how much there was a demand for it, she told her daughter to turn something that she loved into a business. They went over name ideas until one felt right! 

 While this was around the time Virgin hair extensions were just becoming popular, she got to work, used google and her mothers marketing expertise as a guide to figure out how to start up an online business. She contacted a virgin hair supplier in her city because to her surprise she made 5 sales her first day starting!

Our customers loved the hair and the customer service, eventually not spending a single dollar on marketing though word of mouth MyMane Extensions became a HouseHold name.

Over time with the loyal support of our customers, MyMane Extensions has become a trusted brand for virgin hair lovers!

We are committed to providing the highest quality and best value in every bundle of virgin hair we sell. We’re also committed to ensuring that every experience with MyMane Extensions, through our online store will be one of your BEST experiences yet!

Our appreciation and gratefulness for your business have been, and will continue to be a driving force in all that we do. We love you!! We respect you!! and We sincerely appreciate your business!!




The MyMane Extensions Team


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